Family Law

Family Law is a difficult area of the law. Our Family Law Attorneys take an honest and sincere approach to working with you on your case.  Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of Family Law including Domestic Litigation, Divorce, Child Custody and Support, Adoptions, and many more.

Estate Planning and Estate Administration

If something tragic happens to you who will handle the money?  Who will administer the assets?  Who will care of a minor child?  How will your family be affected?  Estate Plans need to be prepared by an attorney with the experience necessary to help you through the entire process.  Our lawyers are seasoned and ready to help you with legal counsel ranging from simple wills to complex estates and wealth preservation strategies.

Traffic and DWI

Speeding tickets, DWIs and other related criminal concerns are serious matters and need to be handled by professionals.  Vernon Law attorneys have decades of success in all matters of traffic and DWI law.  Not every case is the same, so we personalize our strategy to best fit your needs. 

Business Law, Tax and Trademarks

Business Law, Tax and Trademarks are difficult to navigate and require an experienced hand.  Vernon Law Firm’s lawyers have grown a strong network of relationships with businesses over the decades.  We provide general counsel and advice for structuring entities, tax planning, negotiating, drafting and administering contracts, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, liquidations and asset purchases and dissolutions. 

Real Estate and Development

Vernon Law Firm provides fast and reliable residential and commercial real estate closings and other related counsel.  We offer counsel to all parties whether you are a lender, borrower, landlord, tenant, buyer or a seller, you may have contract rights that should be enforced.  Our attorneys are prepared to address your Real Estate and Development Law needs.

Labor and Employment

Discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, employment contracts, and unemployment benefits are just a few examples of the Labor and Employment Law needs in Alamance County and all of North Carolina.


Vernon Law Firm serves our local and statewide communities with outstanding employment legal counsel.  Immigration Law encompasses a multitude of issues and it is critical to have an experienced attorney.  Vernon Law Firm is committed to providing services such as Visas, Citizenship & Naturalization, DACA, Immigration through Military Service and many more related cases. 

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Personal Injury or wrongful death from a vehicle or other injury needs to be handled by trusted attorneys.  Vernon law Firm’s attorneys are tested and dependable professionals when dealing with negligence and serious accidents.

Homeowners Associations

Vernon Law Firms’ attorneys provide trusted legal counsel to developers, owner’s associations, management companies and homeowners in condominium, townhome and residential communities as well as commercial retail developments.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation can be handled through various means including mediation, arbitration or a courtroom trial. Whether it is an issue related to litigation, breach of contract, property dispute or any other kind of lawsuit, if there is and issue that has brought you into court, Vernon law Firm has a long history with all of them.  Our litigation lawyers provide results to all of Alamance and Guilford Counties.