By Attorney Trish McAllister

Divorce is an incredibly difficult process to go through; when court costs, attorney fees, and highly charged, time-consuming trials are factored in, the stress can be overwhelming.

Most of our new domestic clients come to an initial consultation claiming they sincerely wish to come to a quick and peaceful solution with their soon-to-be ex. Unfortunately, it is often the case that just the filing of a lawsuit can force such folks into a defensive, hurt-filled posture; they then find themselves spending inordinate amounts of time and money on the fight, rather than the resolution.

Once the courts are involved, it can take years to reach some conclusion, and by that time the financial and emotional toll is overwhelming.

If you and your spouse have decided to separate, but do not know how to go about the mechanics of putting all the pieces in place while maintaining a civil tone and reserving your financial resources, please consider coming to a “pre-litigation mediation” session. I am a very experienced mediator and arbitrator, and have also spent years in the courtroom representing domestic clients.

My experience has shown me that taking the road toward a collaborative and peaceful solution rather than gearing up for legal battle is better for 99% of individuals facing divorce.

At such a mediation, I would act as a neutral, without representing either party. However, I am able to answer all relevant legal questions, and review all documents relevant to the issues that require discussion and resolution (for instance, mortgage statements, pay stubs, parenting agreements, etc.) all in an effort to help you, together, to figure out a reasonable solution.

I will draft a separation agreement that can be signed by both parties, which will be duly notarized and recorded so that it is a binding legal document.

When couples bring reasonable expectations and the joint goal of a collaborative solution to the table, we can usually accomplish this in just a few hours (my current record = 1.5 hours for a full settlement!).

Please consider using this option, for your own financial and emotional health! These sessions are completely confidential, and if unsuccessful, I will not move forward with representation of either party in litigation.

Call or email me for more details!