About Us

Why should you choose a Vernon Law attorney to help you?



Vernon Law was established in 1933 and has been assisting clients with their legal needs in Alamance County and throughout the Burlington-Greensboro area in North Carolina for over 74 years. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in a multitude of state and federal courts, and together they represent over 220 years of legal experience. Vernon Law attorneys have been leaders in the legal profession and in the Burlington-Greensboro North Carolina community, holding office as President of the North Carolina Bar, President of the Alamance County Bar, and Clerk of Court of Alamance County, as well as many other positions of civic and business leadership.

Each attorney at Vernon Law focuses his or her practice into a handful of areas. This focused approach to practicing law allows our attorneys to handle more cases within a chosen area and through that experience become a more effective advocate who can deliver greater value to Vernon Law clients.

While Vernon Law attorneys take tremendous pride in their knowledge of the specific areas in which they focus their practices, we also realize that some legal problems require complex solutions that overlap multiple areas of the law. This is why Vernon Law believes in the value created by a team approach to legal problem solving. When you hire Vernon Law, you are not just hiring a single attorney, but an entire firm of experienced legal professionals who will work hard together to fight for your interests.


At Vernon Law, we are committed to delivering excellent legal representation to every client we serve. We are also committed to providing each client with prompt, personal attention at a reasonable cost.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur, a well-established business, a financial institution, a real estate developer, or a health care provider - just to name a few - you will find our attorneys at Vernon Law of North Carolina to be flexible and eager to respond quickly to our clients' changing needs. You will also find that our commitment to you as a client shows in the zeal and fervor we bring to every assignment with which you entrust us.


We believe that thoroughly understanding your goals and needs is essential as we work hard to try to achieve the results you want. Therefore, Vernon Law attorneys undertake the following consultative process with our clients:

  • Listen to and understand each client's individual concerns;
  • Identify the issues to be addressed in achieving the client's objectives;
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the client's position;
  • Provide informed and candid opinions of the alternatives available to, and obstacles confronted by, the client;
  • Develop a plan of action designed to achieve the client's objectives; and
  • Pursue the client's objectives vigorously.